Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Matrix Reloaded By Goldman...

They did forget to tell you a minor detail in "The Matrix". It is controlled by Goldman Sachs. No, but really, I'm just adding to my list of Goldman alumni that have conflicts of interest while serving in governmental positions.

This is stale news from last week and the week before that - sorry, but I couldn't get to posting this in time... Last week, Stephen Friedman was all over the news - he's an ex-Chairman of the Goldman Sachs Group, who was a Director of the New York Fed and bought Goldman Sachs shares several times after the financial crisis hit, and while he was a director, and last week, he resigned following news coverage of his situation. This was the original WSJ article that broke the story, and this subsequent WSJ article reported his resignation.

Outrageous stuff. Anyway, this post at Muckety has an interactive diagram that shows the links between the various parties and this blog post by Reality Lenses excerpts the thread of logic from the WSJ article to make it more compact.

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